2-8 HOURSALUMINUM: Soda Cans, Water Bottles, Tinfoil

4 HOURSCOPPER: Pennies, Teakettles, Cookware

24 HOURSCARDBOARD: Shipping Boxes, Board Games

2-3 DAYSPLASTICS: Milk Carton and other packaging, Detergent Bottles, Bus and Subway Seats, Elevator buttons, Backpacks.

2-3 DAYSSTAINLESS STEEL: Refrigerators, Pots and Pans, Sinks, Water Bottles

5 DAYSMETAL: Doorknobs, Jewelry, Silverware, Lamps 

4 DAYS – WOOD: Furniture, Decking, Toys                                             

UP TO 5 DAYSGLASS: Drinking Glasses, Mirrors, Windows

5 DAYS – CERAMICS: Dishes, Pottery, Mugs                                                           

Minutes to 5 DAYS – PAPER: Newspaper, Envelopes, Magazines, Books                                 

FOOD: Does not spread through food but wash your fruits and vegetables under running water before eating. Scrub with a brush or your hands to remove germs.

WATER: Coronavirus has not been found in Water.

Coronavirus can live on Fabrics and Countertops with varying times

To reduce chance of spreading coronavirus clean and disinfect all countertops, sinks, tables, doorknobs, keyboards, bathroom fixtures, remote controls, phones and toilets daily. You can use a diluted bleach solution (10% bleach/90% water), or used one of the approved CDC disinfectants.

Janet Swenson, RN, BSN, MBA

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